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Arobi Fashion is a promising and growing company in the Bangladesh apparel industry which provides  Manufacturing, Merchandising and cost effective Sourcing solution. Arobi Fashion established in 2020, as a supplier and sourcing company is in the commitment of customer convenience throughout the globe. We produce all kind of flat knit and circular Knitwear, Woven, Socks, Shoes, Caps, Lingerie, outwear/Jacket in Bangladesh. Our priority concern is on demand quality maintenance, focus on lead time, quick response and annoyance free shipping to enhance and support customer business requirements. 

Arobi Fashion offers clothing product catalog that might be set a perfect match up with your Clothing business module. Moreover, customization offers are always in your hand. Let us know about your requirements.

We offer the most competitive price to our customers. Our expertise to source raw material at a very favorable price, to improve consumption and efficiency along with production and technical expertise enable us to reduce the cost to a minimum.

Finally, Our focus is on research, planning, sourcing, creative and technical design,  innovative fabric with best price, quality as well as punctual delivery  assurance. Importantly one of our main concerns is to provide competitive  price to our valued customers.

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